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In-Depth Swimming Pool & Spa Inspection Services

A Comprehensive Look

Swimming Pool Safety

Inspection and assessment of enclosures, safety barriers, and alert equipment designed to keep your pool safe.

Decking and Exterior Areas

Hardscape, coping, and exterior water features that can have settlement and damage, or leaking.

Interior Pool Condition

Offer both above water and underwater evaluation of pool and spa finish, plumbing inlets and outlets, and in-water features.

Filtration and Plumbing System

Function and efficiency of filtration and plumbing systems to ensure proper water flow and turnover.

Electrical Systems

In-water and decking electrical equipment such as pool lights and speakers, decking receptacles, light switches and fixtures, and electrical subpanels.

Water Chemistry

Full analysis of water chemistry to within the established parameters and recommendations to correct water quality issues.

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Underwater Assessments

Many times issues cannot be properly observed from the decking. That’s why we offer underwater services for all swimming pool inspections include visual inspection of all in-water components and systems, and leak analysis by our experienced, certified Master Scuba Divers.

Removal of Drain Covers

Dye-Leak Detection at Returns and Lights

Tile Adhesion and Grout Deterioration Review

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We Are Trusted By Swimming Pool Owners in Alachua County

I need a pool inspection for the house I was purchasing. I was so happy I had one done. The inspector found several issues with the filter and the pump I didn't even realize. Their inspection helped me negotiate some repairs before we bought the house.

Tammy K.

I bought a house that had a pool and I wish I had done an inspection before I bought it. I called them to inspect it when I noticed I was constantly having to add water. The inspector was awesome and quickly found a leak. Great service!

Nicholas M.


How long does a swimming pool inspection take?

For an above-water inspection of an average sized swimming pool, you can expect us to be on-site for around 1-hour. This time included inspection of the pool and filtration systems, a review of the safety barriers and features, and water chemistry testing of the water. Your inspection make take longer if the pool is larger, has more complex features, or you've requested an in-water assessment.

Do I have to be home or have someone there?

No. As long as our inspector has access to the pool area and filtration equipment from the street, no one needs to be present for the inspection. Just like a pool service company, as long as the gate is unlocked, we can do our jobs! We can handle all the documentation and payments on-line for your convenience.

How much does a pool inspection cost?

Our standard swimming pool inspections start at $290. The total cost will depend on the size of the pool and the services requested. Our base fee covers an above-water inspection of a swimming pool up to 30,000 gallons (40'x20' with an average depth of 5 feet). In-water assessments are additional.

How will I know what the inspector finds?

Within 24 hours of your inspection, you'll receive a written report from us by email. Your report will contain all the information we gathered from your swimming pool and identify all the defects and safety concerns we found during your inspection.

How do I know I'm getting an honest inspection?

Getting an honest inspection is critical to making sure you get the right information. Our team does not perform repairs and does not partner with any repair or service companies so you can be sure you're getting an un-bias, truthful inspection.

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Will Greenwood, Owner

A Gainesville Local Swimming Pool Inspection Service

Gainesville Pool Inspection Services is a service offer by Greenwood Consulting based in the Newberry, Gainesville Florida area. Owner Will Greenwood has been involved in maintenance, repair, and services of swimming pools since 1996. Additionally, Will is a certified Master Scuba Diver and Divemaster with hundreds of logged dives and over 16 years of professional diving experience. As a Florida licensed Home Inspector (HI10934), Will is trained, certified, and qualified to perform inspections and assessments of swimming pool and spas and employs advanced tools and equipment to ensure a thorough, in-depth assessment.

Staying Up To Date on the Newest Pool Requirements

Building Standards and Laws around swimming pools are constantly changing. We make sure we’re staying up-to-date on the most current changes and new standards to provide you with the most thorough Gainesville swimming pool inspection service.

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